A believer in 3's. The rule of thirds. 'This, that and the third.' (an introduction) by Lauren Muller

I had a vision almost a year back, to create a series of large paintings that center around the theme of space and time. To mix medias, revisit oil paints, try my hand at realism and play with surrealist qualities.

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This is the first piece from my series that currently has no name. All the pieces will tell a grand story that relates to my life on a more intimate level than my usual works.

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All my subjects will be real people I've encountered in my life: friends, family, lovers, artists.

Each piece is thought out and will follow a mint green table motif- something I'll touch on later. Everything in every painting has a special meaning.

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"Him:  a believer in 3's. The rule of thirds. 'This, that and the third.' "- 48x72 - Mixed media on canvas

A friend from long ago, someone I knew on and off, a passing face made familiar with time. We had a thing, like most people have "things". However our "thing" turned real. What happens when you give a passing thing a real chance? What happens when you overstay your welcome?

My thought process was to  paint all my subjects with oil paint and their surroundings with acrylic or paper. Like most things and most people, oil will crack and deteriorate with time. Acrylic paints will crack too, but at a different rate. I long to see the day when this painting cracks. I long to see when the red roses I pasted down will peel. I want to see the effect time has on this painting, but will I even be alive by then?

He gifted me a rose dipped in silver one Valentines day, a "Forever Rose". So naturally I had him pose with it. This silver rose was to be a token of our love, an ode to two souls reuniting once again. This rose could and will last forever, I thought. But will we? I looked in the box, there was no warranty for that. 
So I have two roses alive and red with full bloom. I took a picture of them in their prime, had them enlarged, printed, cut out and pasted onto the canvas. 

Which of these three roses are real? Which one will stand the test of time? Which one holds our love, pure and untouched? Is it this one, that one or the third?